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21 Mars 2017 à 05h48 - 3073 clics

Homemade Amateur Sextape

It's a little hot story of two friends. They return from college and go to lunch with the girl. Since she is alone at home, they said they could have a little fun during the afternoon. But their game is more of an adult game than anything else. So they go into the living room and do small video editing sessions but as they have fun, the temperature also rises in them. So they end up kissing and throwing themselves on top of each other. This is how they came up with the idea of ​​registering on video.

First time in camera

While the camera targets the two friends making their little preliminary, they already feel that this homemade porn could make a tobacco. So, like a pro, the guy gently undresses his girlfriend and then takes off her panties. Well in front of the cam, he goes down and sucks the girl holding her legs up. He continues to lick and then the finger while he eats the clitoris. After a good lick, the girl finally gets wet. It's just after the guy goes back to suck her tiny nipples she has. The atmosphere is very hot in the sex tape they turn.

Kiss like pros

A few minutes before the beginning of this improvised film, the little couple will finally begin to kiss. The guy returns the girl doggy style and pussy her pussy in this position. She is very comfortable with the camera that the screams came naturally to her. He fucks her and scratches the clitoris in front to accentuate the excitement. She enjoyed it for the first time and the camera recorded her trembling body. Then the guy turns it over again and gets on his face. It is only there that he tries to enjoy by pushing his cock in the little mouth of his girlfriend. Right after he enjoyed and sprinkled the girl's face.

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